Todisco Training helps clients reach their individual goals through a research-backed progressive overload program, designed to restore total balance throughout the body. Flexibility, strength, and postural imbalances are corrected, so that you achieve better results, faster!


Exercise, when performed properly, can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in total health including: increased muscle mass, bone density, ligament and tendon strength; improved metabolism and circulatory functions; lowered blood pressure, heart rate and triglyceride levels, with improved lipoprotein lipid profiles, including elevated HDL ("good") cholesterol; improved joint function; reduced injury potential, and improved mental health
(to name a few)! 


One-on-One Training: 

One-on-One at Todisco Training begins with a free consultation and assessment to create a customized training program based on your current fitness levels, health, and specific goals. We know not everyone wants to exercise five days a week, so together we will create a plan and schedule that fits your life. Todisco Training designs custom workouts not only for every One-on-One session, but for every day of the week that you plan to exercise.
One-on-One training provides personal attention and motivation to compete with yourself, reach new boundaries, and achieve big results. 

Partner Training: 

Receive all of the same benefits as One-on-One Training, but split the cost with a partner!  Partner training is great for friends, family, and couples that want to change their lives together, or, who simply enjoy exercising and a little friendly competition with each other.
Partner training not only provides you with the ultimate motivation, it also empowers you to motivate and inspire your partner to reach new boundaries, and achieve big results, together